Fichelgus “Fitch” Hapshackle

Halfling Rogue, burglar by trade


A burglar by trade, Fitch loves the thrill of seeking treasure. He has a sixth sense for wealth and rare items around him, and instinctively sniffs them out. He is quick and light on his feet (not just because of his size), yet he has been known to have fits of clumsiness and absent-mindedness due to his relative inexperience in the profession. Born in a Halfling community on the outskirts of a Human city, but venturing off on his own upon reaching adulthood, Fitch has grown accustomed to his life on the road, staying in strange lands and meeting many people.


  1. “To burgle something without being caught is to earn it, not steal it”
  2. “Cleverness and a quiet step are the most important tools a body can have”


  1. “If I sense or see something of value, I will attempt to take it unless the risk is too great.”
  2. “Always hide and calculate a strategy before jumping into battle, to gain the upper hand.”

Fichelgus “Fitch” Hapshackle

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