Caspian Rocksleigh

Dilletante and Courtier, Died Chained.


Caspian stands at about 5’9" and is a slender 150lb, minus the gold scattered about his person. He is of fair complexion and perfectly chiseled features, with a small nose and mouth to match his elegantly trimmed moustache. His light brown hair is eminently suitable for running one’s fingers through, and pale blue eyes have convinced many an impressionable young lady that they would be hers forever.

As is fitting for a Rocksleigh, his regalia is as perfectly arranged as it is ostentatious, with gold and silver medals and trappings adorning a great portion of his perfectly tailored jackets. He goes nowhere without his entourage of elite guards from Florian’s personal cadre.



Caspian was found dead on the night of January 15th, at his home in the noble district of Athkatla. The fingers on his right hand were severed at the second knuckle, and there was a stab wound through his heart, seemingly from a longsword.

- – -

Caspian is the nephew of Florian Rocksleigh, who sits as one of the four members of the ruling council of Amn, commonly known as the Golden Cross. He holds no measurable power, but has the ear of his uncle, and as such is pragmatically adored by a great number of the nobility and aspiring nobility of the Athkatla.

From birth, he has been blessed with a life of luxury and ease, although he is loath to admit it. He admires those who have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, so to speak, but not enough to actually try anything close to manual labor or living on his own. He rejects the common Faerunian reliance upon deific intervention and power, and has a great fear of magic, probably inculcated into him by his uncle and the rest of the ruling members of the city.

He is charming but not completely confident in his own abilities, and is more intimidated by strong women than he would like to admit. Nonetheless, he never shrinks from a fight, and will fight to the last, as long as said fighting involves the tongue rather than the sword.

Caspian Rocksleigh

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