Captain Maxwell Jovaine

Brutish Captain of the Black Claw Mercenaries


Human / Fighter

Maxwell is tall and muscular, with especially thick arms. He is not particularly ugly as one normally assumes from mercenary stereotypes, but his network of scars across his face do nothing to help his appearance. His hair and beard are long and untrimmed, and he is never seen without his full suit of boiled leather and chainmail, as well as his greatsword, Zwarteklau.


Maxwell does not speak of his life before mercenary work very often, and when he does it is with regret. He seems to think that his life spent at peace pales to his life spent in war, and dismisses it as a series of trivialities. After joining the fledgling Steel Boars at seventeen, Maxwell developed a reputation amongst the other bandits and thieves in the group as a boy without scruples, but one who was fiercely protective of what he called “his brothers in arms”. He developed a strong kinship with the other members of the Boars, which was often reciprocated, especially by those unused to any manner of camaraderie.

Maxwell also became known very quickly as a man who would take the dangerous jobs that other Boars were afraid to take, and so gained a small but loyal following of like minded, bold ruffians whom he called the Black Boars. It was on one of these particularly dangerous jobs that Maxwell fought in single combat and beheaded a rival mercenary captain named Ulwin, who was famous for his keen edged greatsword, Irontooth. Maxwell took Irontooth and returned to the Steel Boars with both the blade and Ulwin’s head as trophies, but rather than praise, he was given a paltry cut of the pay and sent back to the section of the camp that he and his Black Boars had sectioned off for himself.

He soon saw that the Steel Boars were growing afraid of he and his little band, and feared a preemptive strike on their part to cut him down before he became too powerful. Bold but not rash, Maxwell realized the folly of engaging the Steel Boars head on, and left quietly in the dead of night with the rest of his Black Boars. He traveled the countryside of Amn for three weeks after that, on the run from the Steel Boars who quickly realized his absence. When he reached Athkatla, he found the largest and toughest group of mercenaries he could find, and offered his sword to them in exchange for not pay but protection from the Steel Boars. This group was the Black Claw mercenaries, and they immediately accepted his offer.

Maxwell has not abandoned his thoughts of revenge against the Steel Boars, but bides his time patiently, and serves his new crew faithfully, though he still works most closely with those Black Boars that he brought with him.

Maxwell was last seen lying on the floor of the Eldritch Cock, left hog-tied and embarrassed by Ness and Esteban.

Captain Maxwell Jovaine

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