Antonio "Blackjack" Umber

A Thief with a Conscience


Human / Rogue

Antonio is a fairly nondescript man, as most Thieves tend to be. He has short black hair, trimmed neatly, with a smooth shaven face. His eyes are a dull green, and his features are fairly unremarkable except for a slightly aquiline nose. He is lithe but not skinny, and his movements are fluid but without grace, having an almost mechanical quality to them.



Antonio’s surname, Umber, presumes a Cormyrian ancestry. He told Malasan that his family was born there, but that he is an Amnian at heart. He seems to have a conscience of sorts, and attempted to free Malasan after he had been ordered to torture him for information. However, upon leading Malasan almost to the exit from the Thieves’ underground den, he was confronted with both the party and his nameless superior officer, and ordered to cease his actions now upon pain of death. Antonio reluctantly agreed, and turned to face the party, but not before giving them thirty seconds to prepare.

After a brutal fight, Antonio was killed by the combined efforts of Khayyam, Ness, Esteban, and Esme, and relinquished his Blackjack card to Ness as he lay dying.

Antonio "Blackjack" Umber

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